Hydraulic Workover & Snubbing

Flexible and cost-effective hydraulic workover /snubbing  technologies

Boots & Coots offers economical completions and workover solutions when the well is under pressure and when traditional rigs aren’t viable.

Our self-contained, portable hydraulic workover units are smaller, lighter and quicker to set up than traditional rigs. This makes them an economical choice for routine well maintenance, live well interventions and well re-entry operations.

Boots & Coots is a leader in hydraulic workovers, with some of the safest, most reliable equipment and experienced personnel in the industry.

Additionally, our dedicated engineering staff is focused on developing new technologies and techniques, such as our unique PowerReach™ system.

Hydraulic Workover & Snubbing

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Summary PowerReach™ system helped break records in Williston Basin Jun 2012
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Dead Well (Conventional) Workover Operations
Hydraulic workover units have a light, modular design that is ideally suited for use in remote locations and on tight platforms. We offer the same performance and well-service applications as conventional derrick equipment, but with faster rig-up times.
Drilling (Snub Drilling) Operations
Modified hydraulic workover equipment is best suited for sidetracking and deepening existing wellbores. The ability to work at near- or underbalanced conditions helps reduce formation damage from kill fluids and increase penetration rates.
Live Well Workover Operations
Live well full completions provide operators faster and more efficient drilling and completion programs, as well as additional application for pad drilling and simultaneous operations with low environmental risk exposure.
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