Coiled Tubing

Our Coiled Tubing services provide customers with reliable, efficient well intervention for vertical, horizontal, highly deviated, and live wells.

With our highly experienced personnel and engineering capabilities, we can customize the service for job-specific requirements. We provide exactly what our customers need to get the job done. This lets us deliver safe, cost-effective solutions for virtually any operational challenge, including high-pressure/high-temperature and H2S applications.

Our highly trained and experienced engineers analyze well characteristics and use advanced predictive modeling to determine the most effective solution to help maximize efficiency and productivity. We also offer complete data acquisition to provide our clients with a comprehensive record of critical job parameters.

Coiled Tubing

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Summary Plug Drill Out Solution in Eagle Ford eliminates short trips May 2014
Summary Operator nearly doubled initial well injectivity with proven fluidic oscillator technology Jan 2013
Summary Halliburton used dynamically positioned (DP) vessel to help client recover offshore well in Brunei Oct 2012
Summary Marathon Oil restarted offshore well that hadn't produced in almost eight years Sep 2012
Summary Boots & Coots helped operator save five zones in one well by using unique coiled tubing method Aug 2012
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Cobra Frac® Service
The Cobra Frac® service is a cost-effective method for stimulating untapped reserves, proven in more than 30,000 fracture treatments. The Cobra Frac service integrates coiled tubing for high-intensity multistage fracturing and post-frac analysis.
CobraMax® Services
The CobraMax® service optimizes key treatment parameters during multizone fracturing. This process provides the performance of conventional thru-tubing fracturing with the speed and versatility of coiled tubing operations.
CoilCommSM Service
The CoilCommSM coiled-tubing communication service provides a real-time approach to help maximize well-production performances and the success rates of interventions.
DeepReach Coiled Tubing Service
DeepReachSM coiled tubing extends reach up to 30% compared to conventional tapered coiled tubing strings on ultra-deep wells.
Drill Out Solutions Package
Optimized cleanout solution, coupled with next generation surface equipment to maximize efficiency and safety.
Enhanced QuikRig® Coiled Tubing System
Boots & Coots’ Enhanced QuikRig® next-generation coiled-tubing unit is designed with the well-control package preassembled on a mast, improving operational efficiency, reducing rig-up time, and creating a safer rigsite environment.
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